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Best ways to save money and improve finances

It is so easy to become compliant with the money you find yourself paying out month after month but STOP! Chances are you are paying out money unnecessarily somewhere along the line. Use these helpful tips to cut down on spending.

Make Your Savings Work for you

Make Your Savings Work for you

1. Make your savings work for you.

With a wealth of cards on the market, ensure that your savings account is the best one on offer. It may also be worth your while looking into ISAs, offering great rates on tax free savings but you normally have a minimum investment term you will have to commit to with your money.

2. Often, our biggest pains are taxes when our finances are concerned.

It is well worth checking that the tax man is taking more than he is owed. I would seriously suggest questioning all the taxes you pay, particularly income tax and council tax. When council tax bands were outlined in 1991, the value of some properties was estimated and has often been found to be wrong, this could save you £100s as well as being back dated if found to be wrong which would be bad for your finances and an expense you don’t need.

Savings Tips

Savings Tips

Savings Tips

3. Stop impulse buying it will make a mess and up your expenses!

I don’t know about you but every month I seem to flitter away my wages and am left wondering ‘where has it all gone?’. If I’m being honest with myself I know where it has gone; on impulse buys that I thought would cheer me up or would come in handy and is now gathering dust at the bottom of a cupboard. Simple solution to this problem? Stop buying on impulse, think over all purchases thoroughly before committing to buy and think about the actual expense.

4. Do the weekly shop online.

By taking a wonder round the supermarket you are putting yourself at risk of the above. Stick to a shopping list, and resist the urge for that new CD, it may temporarily make you feel good, but it won’t last when you check your bank balance. Also by shopping online you can benefit from knowing how much you’re spending before it has been scanned through a till and put back items when you find you’ve overspent.

5. Go green. It isn’t for everyone but being green can pay money back.

Currently the government are offering an incentive to those considering doing their bit for the environment so now is the perfect time to think about installing solar panels or other ways of cutting down on energy consumption. As well as saving you money, you can also feel guilt free during global warming news.